A Sermon on Revelation 13: Victory Over Satan's Power

Victory Over Satan’s Powers: A Sermon on Revelation 13

Last week, I preached on Revelation 13 at a local campmeeting. After I was through, someone asked if I could make my notes available online. Though I’ll eventually do a much deeper dive on the topic than is possible in a single post, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post my sermon manuscript as a […]

Who Is The Antichrist?

Who is the Antichrist?

When I tell people about my interest in Revelation, one question seems to come up every time: Who is the antichrist? I’m not sure why there’s such an interest in the topic. Maybe it’s the Left Behind books. Maybe it’s the speculative connections people make to current events. I honestly don’t know. But if I […]

Understanding Revelation

Understanding Revelation: 3 Things to Remember

Understanding Revelation. Is It Possible? Is understanding Revelation possible? I believe so. But it all depends on what assumptions we bring to the table. The assumptions we hold when we read or listen to something have an enormous impact on what we get out of it. This is nowhere more clear than in our understanding […]

Revelation Exegetical Tools

Exegetical Tools’ Free Revelation Resources

Exegetical tools is home to a lot of great material on reading and interpreting the Bible. Well, they’ve just announced that they’re developing an entire section to the book of Revelation! I haven’t had time to look at it in-depth but you can bet it will have some excellent material worth reading (even if you […]

Interpreting Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Literature

‘Interpreting Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Literature’ by C. Marvin Pate: A Review

The Problem with Interpreting Revelation “Interpreting Revelation is just impossible. We’re not meant to understand it and it’s not practical.” “There are too many different views – and I don’t want to run anybody off if they disagree with me.” “I consider myself a panmillennialist – I don’t bother much with Revelation because it’ll pan […]

What is the Mark of the Beast?

What is the Mark of the Beast?

What is the Mark of the Beast? Could It Be Around the Corner…? What is the mark of the beast? That’s a question that’s on many minds right now. After all, over the past several months, COVID-19 has thrown our world into a panic. It has sickened millions. Killed hundreds of thousands. It has upended […]

Ben Witherington on YouTube

Ben Witherington III and Richard Bauckham on Revelation

A Couple of YouTube Videos I was navigating the jungles of YouTube this past week when I came across two videos from SeedBed that I thought were worth posting. Ben Witherington III on Revelation I’ve recently started covering the topic of apocalyptic writing in a series of articles. The first video features Ben Witherington III […]

Hidden or Revealed: What is a Revelation?

The Revelation of Jesus Christ : Revealed or Hidden? [ Revelation 1:1 ]

Revelation: The Most Confusing Book in the Bible? Winston Churchill famously described Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”. But his words don’t just apply to Russia. They pretty much sum up the feeling most people have about the book of Revelation. Who could possibly make sense of all the beasts, dragons, […]

After You Believe by N.T. Wright

Some Revelation-Related Thoughts from N.T. Wright’s ‘After You Believe’

Thoughts on After You Believe I’ve been working through N.T. Wright’s book, After You Believe for the Thoughts from Canaan book club (I know, I was supposed to finish it last month…). Although he doesn’t spend a lot of time discussing Revelation, he touches on it here and there. Humanity’s Calling, Revealed in Revelation? In particular, […]